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Moneysavingexpert website sold for £87 million

Money making expert: Cash guru Martin Lewis flogs MoneySavingExpert website he set up in bedroom for £87million

Personal finance journalist Martin Lewis has sold his MoneySavingExpert website to the price comparison company MoneySupermarket in a deal which will net him up to £87m.

Lewis set up the site, which offers money saving tips and advice, reader forums and calculators, in 2003 and it now has around 5 million subscribers to its weekly email. According to Google Analytics, it attracted around 39 million unique visitors and 277m page impressions in the year ending 31 October 2011. It reported revenues of £15.7m for the same period.

The site, which employs 42 people, was now "far bigger than the man who founded it" and it was the right time to sell, Lewis said.

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When choosing a web site hosting service, the key word is “value.” Value is how much you get for your dollar, not how many dollars you spend. This web site will help you to determine how to get the best value from your web hosting, and aid you in deciding which web hosting service to go with.

  • Reliability: A good hosting provider will offer at least 99.99% in uptimes, and have a service level agreement, meaning that they will compensate you if your web site is down for longer than they guarantee.

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  • Scalability: When your business or web site grows, how easy will it be to increase (or even decrease) your service as it is needed.

  • Hardware: Is it state-of-the-art or are they using outdated hardware? The difference can be the risk of your site going down.

  • Company business tactics: Web hosts may decide to go for carbon offsets and green technology, frequent data backups, bi-coastal redundancy, or any other methods to get your business. They aren't always just a gimmick.

  • User and professional reviews: Be sure to get honest and unbiased reviews, like the ones you read on this site.

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