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Computer Graphics Cards

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:31 pm

I have 2 computer graphics cards I'd like to get rid of.

xFx ATI-Radeon HD-6790. $130
This is an awesome card! Plays Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty MW3 perfectly.
Unfortunately the factory fan was not great so I rebuilt the card with a Zalman fan. I ended up having to purchase a new graphics card while these parts shipped which is the only reason I'm selling this one.
This card uses power. It needs two 6 pin power plugs plus the additional mini 3-pin plug for the fan. I tested the card using the default fan setting and it runs better and cooler than it did originally.

Connection is PCI-e
Crossfire Ready
2 - DVI ports
1 - HDMI Port
2 - mini Display Ports

Diamomd Multimedia, ATI-Radeon HD-5750 $90
Works great - barely used
All parts included
-Graphics Card
-CrossFire Connector
-DVI to VGA Adapter

PCI-e, requires one 6-pin power plug.

2-DVI connections
1-HDMI connection
1-Display Port

Full specs at


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